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Plazaola Greenway
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Plazaola Greenway

These are notices for all of the Plazaola Greenway´s users.

ATTENTION !We ask caution to all users of the Greenway Plazaola. 

The Consorcio Turístico de Plaszaola recommends bringing flashlights and warm clothes, as well as cycle with caution and respect, keeping in mind that there can always be more users. 

The Consorcio also reports that due to heavy rains this year , there has been some damage to the track and can be found with the following problems. 

For our part we are doing everything possible to fix it.

*Section Mugiro - San Migueletxo: there are small detachments and path has narrowed. It can happen but with caution. 

The Larraun and Leitzarán valleys that run between Navarra and Guipúzcoa are a veritable natural sanctuary.

Between their leafy hillsides covered in beech and oak trees, a little narrow gauge railway used to wind its way tirelessly until it was closed mid-way through the last century. Today its spectacular route is offered to cyclists and walkers searching for unspoilt natural countryside.


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