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Jara Greenway

Jara Greenway
ATTENTION: Greenway with serious mantenance problems (bad condition of the road surface, lack of lighting inside the tunnels and deficit in the collection of waste). Currently, a solution is being sought to reverse this situation and timely changes will be notified. In the meantime, it is advisable to circulate taking into account this warning and it is strongly discouraged to access or approach the precincts of the stations in a state of abandonment.
Tunnel nº 9 closed (next to the station Nava-Fuentes) by landslides caused by rains. There is an alternative route. However, you can go through the tunnel under the responsibility of the user.
Sometimes a railway is destined to fail. This is the case of the railway designed to link Talavera de la Reina with the rural district of Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana in Extremadura. The difficulty of the route, in which the mountainous nature of the terrain required a huge engineering effort, caused the project to be shelved before its completion.
Today the La Jara Greenway runs between the Montes de Toledo hills and the Villuercas massif in the region of Extremadura.

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